Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bandcamp update

We have uploaded both our album and ep on to bandcamp for your listening and purchasing pleasure. You can buy a hardcopy of Bop Sock, get an instant download and we will mail you the real copy, or just download it. Mister EP is currently out of print so it isn't available for purchase but shoot us an email ( and we will get started on pressing those asap to get you one. If you don't feel like investing in our future quite yet you can give them both a listen as they are both available streaming. We still have a few free songs on there so check it out and give 'em a listen!

We got some shows coming up:

Thursday April 14 The Camel Richmond VA W/ Lightfields
Friday April 15 The Concrete Grow Together Virginia Beach VA W/ The Hissy Fits & Roy G Biv

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