Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello all. It's been awhile since we have updated this shit but that does not mean we haven't been doing anything! After writing and playing some shows to tighten everything down we feel we are ready to enter the studio and record a new album. No dates or places are specific as of now. We have some deciding to do on those ends so we can't give a expected date. But trust us, its coming. It will include material we have been working on since Bop Sock and some brand spanking new riffs for you to sink your teeth in. Along with some around the area dates, the new year shall bring good fortune for Midair.

Here is a lil peak and what we've been doing to keep ourselves occupied.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bandcamp update

We have uploaded both our album and ep on to bandcamp for your listening and purchasing pleasure. You can buy a hardcopy of Bop Sock, get an instant download and we will mail you the real copy, or just download it. Mister EP is currently out of print so it isn't available for purchase but shoot us an email ( and we will get started on pressing those asap to get you one. If you don't feel like investing in our future quite yet you can give them both a listen as they are both available streaming. We still have a few free songs on there so check it out and give 'em a listen!

We got some shows coming up:

Thursday April 14 The Camel Richmond VA W/ Lightfields
Friday April 15 The Concrete Grow Together Virginia Beach VA W/ The Hissy Fits & Roy G Biv

Friday, March 11, 2011

video and radio appearance

Sup Ya'll. Since we have been home we have been keeping it a little quiet while we continue our academics. But this past weekend we visited VCU's student radio WVCW and played on air as well as answered some questions. You can check that out HERE.

Also we were videotaped by rva's The Horn while we played and the songs sound better on this version but you cant listen to our nonsense in between songs.

here is a taste:

Song 1 from Mesh Media on Vimeo.

the other videos are available on the horn's blog if you click the link up there ^^^

Thursday, January 20, 2011


we have 3 songs for download for FREE from our bandcamp

which you can visit HERE

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


here is some press we received from our recent tour!

"To say that Roanoke, VA’s Midair owes a good deal of debt to ’80s and ’90s indie-rock legends such as Slint and June Of 44 would be an understatement. Instrumental tracks such as “Mister” and “Catspaw”—with their constant shifts and mathy, post-rock-inspired guitars—would feel right at home on Spiderland or Tropics And Meridians. Fifteen years ago, when such music was an indie-rock norm, seeing a band like Midair on a show’s bill would probably produce a few eye rolls. These days, though, it’s a pleasant (and harmless) throwback that will likely induce more feelings of nostalgia than tedium."

-Matthew Borlik, The Key (Philadelphia)

and HERE is an article from athens ohio's the post

"Virginia’s Midair is on tour and makes a stop to visit with their mostly instrumental music that sounds similar to Slint and Don Caballero."

-Eric Leighton, Athens News

thats all for now if we hear of more we will post it!

show this friday with perfect future + friends!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ohio is haunted. Some ghosts... well manners arent really my thing. Well? Why not! Will is the proudest writer.. my man of yells crest, my double disher, your waddle buckettesman... "Just wow... some verbs. Our verbs. His double crest. Her waddele bufu.



Monday, January 10, 2011

New York

Yep. Since the Boston show wasn't actually more then the average myth horse; our friends gave me 5 and we called it a tie. "Alas my cards haven folden",Will lied to Troy. "I geuss what were delt aint the way the peen sighs". Troy smirked; Will was a cheat... Troy knew the pepper wouldnt salt the fruit of his milk log."Seems like you just walk the walk", Troy said, "I know you fixed the cards!".At the moment Wills water line had about blessed his inner love for jesus causing him to spout, "I FUCKING DREAM PLEASURE GOATS!"

And then we took the metro to Times Square.

Well... that place is little off the walls. I really have nothing to say about it though... If you love advertising and tourists then fuck I say, knock yourself out. Howdy times square

"Wows the lights know my mom", Ethan giggled. "Tehe", Will said.

"midair was a huge success"

New York was the first in awhile that Midair was the actual opener but all of the bands were on tour and there was still a good pull. right on brother. small bones, the cryptics, and baby boy (incredibly awesome). abc no rio is a great place with a sweet mission, keep it up.

More on Athens Ohio and Kalamazoo tomorrow

Friday, January 7, 2011

Video of Midair at Haley "Taylors" house

Midair presents
1.Calm Cum
2.Four Mile Loop
3.Two Hares and Some Hair

Thanks to Haley and her ma for letting us play
Thanks to Joe "puddins" Paulk for the excellent video
Thanks to pep pep Henninger for uploading the video
Thanks to Basmati for being friends and for lyfe

Now for prepaid non bias advertising for your viewing pleasure
Basmati set at "Taylors":

Connecticut: No pepper jack, no courtesy cups, no service

Nothing much to say here... Connecticut wasn't the most joyous of stopping's for the crew. Yet with the bad comes good in the form of playing with some of the coolest bands this side of the mason dixon line.

But before that lets do the rundown..
1. Connecticut doesn't believe in pepper jack cheese...serisously when I stop at a subway and I need my spice I best be furkin with pepper jack. Local Richmond citizen and band mate Eth-an G presents his thoughts on the matter

"i just want some water for free and pepper jack cheese on my sub. is that too much to ask for connecticut?"

Speaking of water... Connecticut was stingy on the prime ingredient to life and the substance that makes up 70% of our bods (for more facts check this dank site out

Neither subway or the venue had complimentary cups for water!! Well furk subway but how can a venue that caters to tiny ass broke touring bands not offer free water?!?! As a band we were offered 50% off water and to that I cry BS!!

But enough on that.. I'm not trying to be a hater, after all what brought the shining light of baby jesus upon us was the music blessed from the gates of purgatory as we waited for the man of life himself to gift us with eternal damnation.

But hey lil chicks and men chicks eternal damnation is a beautiful thing when the likes of Good Citizens, Vasudeva, Suns and Martin Luther King gracefully make love to your earz. Easily the best night of music so far and the most suited to us for the night.

Now Mr. Staffwag will give a nice rundown of the music:
Good Citizens - 2 piece, drums and guitar, think hella, or tera melos without the bulllllshit
Vasudeva - best parts of lotus put together tightly
Suns - more singer song writer dirven rock, but tighty driven bass/drums
Martin Luther King - noodly punkpunk

All the bands were crazy nice and most stuck around for Midair who played a stimulating set that surly aroused the curious bystanders. As always lil Wendy was killer and calm cum never slacks. A nice surprise was 54BRO which only reminded us of the comfy beds that awaited our dirty ass body suits.

After the show we packed up and kicked in to the City of NY. Due to writers block I will shorten my review of NY day 1 to a sentence. This place furking rules! Just want to send a huge thanks to Bobby who let us crash in his awesome pad, this place is out of this world!

Today was just a day of exploration so more will come upon the dawn of the saturday suns.
heres sum picks, mp3's and vids for you consumer urges:

Hanging out at Bobbys watching king of queens (getting into the NY spirit)
Heres a sick vid of Good Citizens abusing our supple ears.
These guys are "hella" good!
Edit: video isn't working at the moment so it will be posted later


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


the "green" room

ok so ive never been here before and this is a fucking awesome place. were only in west philly where fresh prince was born and raised on the school yard he spent most of his days chillin out maxin relaxin all cool shootin some b ball out side the school. so were gonna go downtown in the morn cause connect i cut is only like 2 hours awya. im tryina like be in a car for so long my eye balls want to fall out but so far its like fucking driving home. but the place is so much cooler, and it keeps getting cooler. my 2 words. heres some pix and lous interpretation of the events.

theres some nice images of the roundhouse. the posters sometimes wish it was something of a wife but in the end I felt at home. The bedding has a sort of pattern i couldent quite recall but plain seemed to be the right fitet. my child resembles such wonders and sequals if only my encumberrs had fallen through, my check was only a few after all. alas my mom had said no and the melons of yesterday had grown ripe due to fall and winter had forced the firewood to vanish. oh well, "i said". the tour had come and the fears had gone. good night children conneticut if upon us and i will love you forever.



last night we played a house show in falls church and had a great time. we are now out of one style of t-shirt which is exciting for us but not so exciting for you. but its ok and from this point on the blog will be run by a lou. enjoy that pic cus there will be lots more in the coming days.

Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3 guess what

some of what were partyin with tonight. someone tell us what this says so we know what it is

its 1/3 and today we picked up a Lou. we also rocked out with Floating Colors at Galaxy Hut and had a good time. Tommorrow is a house show on falls church with our buds Basmati and are stoked to be pumped.

1/2 Waynesboro

So last night we got into Waynesboro to chill out with our Waynes-bro's and play a show with their bands Freaky J & the Bears and another band called Bear Arms. We had a great time and had a spaghetti party. Also Troy spilled pasta sauce on one of his shirts, looks like there is only a few more left to spill pasta sauce on. Oh, Troy.

our bud hunter in freaky j made these this morning

Today we are going to Arlington to play the Galaxy Hut and meet up with our good bud Lou. The good times are just starting.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the big day

tommorrow is the big day. were gonna put our bud louis in charge of the blog while we are on tour so hopefully he can keep up with all thats about to go down.