Monday, January 10, 2011

New York

Yep. Since the Boston show wasn't actually more then the average myth horse; our friends gave me 5 and we called it a tie. "Alas my cards haven folden",Will lied to Troy. "I geuss what were delt aint the way the peen sighs". Troy smirked; Will was a cheat... Troy knew the pepper wouldnt salt the fruit of his milk log."Seems like you just walk the walk", Troy said, "I know you fixed the cards!".At the moment Wills water line had about blessed his inner love for jesus causing him to spout, "I FUCKING DREAM PLEASURE GOATS!"

And then we took the metro to Times Square.

Well... that place is little off the walls. I really have nothing to say about it though... If you love advertising and tourists then fuck I say, knock yourself out. Howdy times square

"Wows the lights know my mom", Ethan giggled. "Tehe", Will said.

"midair was a huge success"

New York was the first in awhile that Midair was the actual opener but all of the bands were on tour and there was still a good pull. right on brother. small bones, the cryptics, and baby boy (incredibly awesome). abc no rio is a great place with a sweet mission, keep it up.

More on Athens Ohio and Kalamazoo tomorrow

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