Friday, January 7, 2011

Connecticut: No pepper jack, no courtesy cups, no service

Nothing much to say here... Connecticut wasn't the most joyous of stopping's for the crew. Yet with the bad comes good in the form of playing with some of the coolest bands this side of the mason dixon line.

But before that lets do the rundown..
1. Connecticut doesn't believe in pepper jack cheese...serisously when I stop at a subway and I need my spice I best be furkin with pepper jack. Local Richmond citizen and band mate Eth-an G presents his thoughts on the matter

"i just want some water for free and pepper jack cheese on my sub. is that too much to ask for connecticut?"

Speaking of water... Connecticut was stingy on the prime ingredient to life and the substance that makes up 70% of our bods (for more facts check this dank site out

Neither subway or the venue had complimentary cups for water!! Well furk subway but how can a venue that caters to tiny ass broke touring bands not offer free water?!?! As a band we were offered 50% off water and to that I cry BS!!

But enough on that.. I'm not trying to be a hater, after all what brought the shining light of baby jesus upon us was the music blessed from the gates of purgatory as we waited for the man of life himself to gift us with eternal damnation.

But hey lil chicks and men chicks eternal damnation is a beautiful thing when the likes of Good Citizens, Vasudeva, Suns and Martin Luther King gracefully make love to your earz. Easily the best night of music so far and the most suited to us for the night.

Now Mr. Staffwag will give a nice rundown of the music:
Good Citizens - 2 piece, drums and guitar, think hella, or tera melos without the bulllllshit
Vasudeva - best parts of lotus put together tightly
Suns - more singer song writer dirven rock, but tighty driven bass/drums
Martin Luther King - noodly punkpunk

All the bands were crazy nice and most stuck around for Midair who played a stimulating set that surly aroused the curious bystanders. As always lil Wendy was killer and calm cum never slacks. A nice surprise was 54BRO which only reminded us of the comfy beds that awaited our dirty ass body suits.

After the show we packed up and kicked in to the City of NY. Due to writers block I will shorten my review of NY day 1 to a sentence. This place furking rules! Just want to send a huge thanks to Bobby who let us crash in his awesome pad, this place is out of this world!

Today was just a day of exploration so more will come upon the dawn of the saturday suns.
heres sum picks, mp3's and vids for you consumer urges:

Hanging out at Bobbys watching king of queens (getting into the NY spirit)
Heres a sick vid of Good Citizens abusing our supple ears.
These guys are "hella" good!
Edit: video isn't working at the moment so it will be posted later


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